Zookeeper not playing favorites among animal kingdom 

San Francisco native David Carroll began volunteering for the San Francisco Zoo when he was 12. He returned three years ago as a zookeeper. In honor of National Zoo Keeper Week this week, residents can get a discount off admission if they bring a thank you card for their favorite zookeeper.

What animals do you work with? I’ve been working as a keeper for about three years now, and newer keepers bounce between areas so we get to experience a lot of things.

Do you find that animals have distinct personalities? Absolutely. There’s as wide a range of personality in the animals I’ve worked with here as there is in the people I’ve worked with here. There are some that are the friendliest animals in the world and they’ll do anything they can to make your day easier, and there are some that are maybe a little [more crotchety].

Do you have any favorite animals to work with? I’m not very good at favorites. It really varies from day to day.

Is that like asking which is your favorite child? Exactly. Plus, if I say it’s the rhinos then the polar bears are going to be grumpy tomorrow, and that’s no good.

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