Zimmerman verdict an insult to family 

"Attorney General calls Martin killing an 'unnecessary shooting'" News, Tuesday

Zimmerman verdict an insult to family

I was appalled to hear the nonguilty verdict of George Zimmerman when he had confessed to getting out of his car to follow Trayvon Martin. He had a premonition that the boy was up to no good and, at the end of the day, he took his life.

The case was already controversial from the outset, as Zimmerman was not arrested or charged for several days. What kind of dysfunctional criminal justice system are we embracing in this country?

Ultimately, no amount of punishment will bring back Martin, but this is another hard slap on the face of the deceased boy's parents. This is the same Florida that found Casey Anthony not guilty with all the catalog of evidence against her. The family of Martin has been let down by the criminal justice system.

John Tanwani, Antioch

Law encourages shootings

Stand Your Ground laws are frequently criticized and called shoot-first laws by critics, including the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence. In Florida, the law has resulted in self-defense claims tripling.

The law's critics argue that Florida's law makes it very difficult to prosecute cases against people who shoot others and then claim self-defense. The shooter can argue that he felt threatened, and in most cases, the only witness who could have argued otherwise is the victim who was shot and killed. Many states have some form of this law, including California.

Ted Rudow III, Palo Alto

•"Psychiatric patients increasing in S.F. hospitals, putting a strain on the system," The City, Monday

City draws in homeless

It should come as no surprise to anyone that the majority of homeless people have mental illnesses. What is surprising is how our elected officials continue to make San Francisco a destination for them. The more public funds they direct toward programs and housing for homeless people, the more they come here.

It is an expensive problem with increasingly negative consequences.

Tim Donnelly, San Francisco

"Asiana says KTVU gaffe damaged its reputation," The City, Sunday

KTVU should be ashamed

News anchor Tori Campbell reading the fake names of the pilots who captained the Asiana Airlines plane that crashed at San Francisco International Airport was inexcusable. The names were vulgar expletives, anti-Chinese and racist.

Tom Raponi, vice president and general manager at KTVU (Ch. 2), said, "Nothing is more important to us than having the highest level of accuracy and integrity." What a joke. What a slap in the faces of Asian-Americans, as well as all others who believe that racism is both despicable and inexcusable.

Anh Le, San Francisco

•"States approach to affirmative action highlighted in court," The City, Sunday

Affirmative action debate

When it comes to affirmative action, I do not understand when there is but one human race (Homo sapiens), how there can be more than one way of providing for diversity in schools with race-based programs?

Since the distribution of people according to differences falls on a bell-shaped curve, with the less able on the trailing edge of the curve, to the more able on the leading edge, and the majority in between located in the middle section of the curve, why are schools and classes not made up of persons in their portion of the curve?

Frank Norton, San Francisco

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