Zimmerman ready to kill from the beginning 

Trayvon Martin case

Zimmerman ready to kill from beginning

I'm puzzled by the trial of George Zimmerman, what the lawyers on both sides focus on and what they seem to ignore.

Why does it matter who cried for help during the fight between Zimmerman and his victim, Trayvon Martin? It could be either of the two, and unrelated to who initiated the fatal confrontation. There seems to be no doubt that Zimmerman left his car and kept following Martin, despite the 911 operator telling him not to.

If Zimmerman tried to hold Martin back, or challenged him in some way, the natural reaction for Martin would be to defend himself, try to get away, or hit back and take the aggressor down. Then, it wouldn't be illogical for Zimmerman to cry out.

But if he was pinned down on his back, as he claims, how could he get his gun out, from underneath both shirt and jacket, hidden inside his pants in the back, and be able to shoot Martin in the heart?

It is more likely that he already had his gun out, ready to shoot. In that case, Martin's only chance was to try a knock-out, causing him to fall and slightly scratch his head. Still, Zimmerman was able to shoot and kill Martin, and later declare it was "God's will."

If not for Zimmerman, Trayvon would have made it home with his ice tea and skittles, — alive. While on the phone with a friend, complaining about a scary guy he was trying to get away from, he wasn't likely to follow him and start a fight. That's Zimmerman didn't "fight for his life" — he took Trayvon Martin's.

Jorg Aadahl,

San Mateo

•"Clashes by Egypt army, protesters kill at least 54," News, Monday

New direction for Egypt

The events in Egypt have worldwide implications. The Egyptian people elected the Muslim Brotherhood. The newly elected government began installing Sharia law in a largely secular country. President Mohammed Morsi was also unable to change the economic conditions of this impoverished country.

We will see what effect this military coup will have on the regimes in Gaza and Tunisia who are allied with the Muslim Brotherhood. It will be interesting to see if the response in Egypt will have repercussions in Turkey, where Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan is also facing popular resistance to his Islamization policies.

This upheaval in Egypt may be the catalyst for real change in the Middle East. Is this a move against Islamic fundamentalism and a move toward Westernization? Let's hope that it is a move to a liberal, secular society. If the movement spreads to other Arab nations, the conditions may force the Palestinians to replace Hamas in Gaza and start negotiating with Israel in a more serious way.

Gilbert Stein,


•"NTSB: Pilots relied on automatic speed control," Wednesday, The City

Track pilots' qualifications

The recent Asiana Airlines Flight 214 crash, which may be due to pilot error, points to the critical importance of pilots. We want to know the qualifications of our doctors and lawyers, so we should also have access to the experience of pilots, especially since our lives are in their hands.

Kenneth L. Zimmerman,

Huntington Beach

•Political nicknames

Obama outdoes 'Dubya'

During the George W. Bush presidency, everyone used to call him "Dubya," mostly out of disrespect for being such a terrible president. But now President Barack Obama has outdone Bush with his Orwellian National Security Agency spying and leading a seemingly dysfunctional government. America is now the Watchers and the Watched.

"Hope and change" became "nope and same." Change we could believe in was just a scam. Not to mention that Obama and Bush have totally ruined phone sex. If Bush is "Dubya" then Obama is "Oh!"

Marc Perkel,


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