Yougetitback retrieves lost tech toys 

Personal technology accessories are more and more transportable and mobile — such as the stamp-size iPod Shuffle or the Vaio G Series laptop that weighs less than two pounds. The benefits are instant access to information and immediate connectivity. The only detraction is that it’s now a whole lot easier to lose these pricey possessions.

Frank Hannigan, CEO of is aware of the risks people take by leaving the house with thousands of dollars of personal equipment, which is why he created a company devoted solely to seeing that these items never become permanently lost.

"In 2004 I began to realize two things — that almost everyone now carries a tremendous amount of mobile assets with them, and that most people are basically good," said Hannigan, a native of Ireland who graduated with a degree in business from Trinity College in Dublin. "With these two elements in mind we created We are constantly losing these possessions, and I’ve realized that if given the opportunity, people will go to great lengths to help others reclaim what they’ve lost.", which launched Feb. 20 in the United States, is basically a lost-and-found system for the 21st century. It’s based around a tagging process of mobile devices — from car keys to cell phones to laptops. Hannigan’s company provides metal, adhesive and online electronic tags marked with reference numbers, descriptive information about the product and personal contact information about the product’s owner.

The vital information available about the item combined with cash incentives for returnees provided by increase the likeliness of the lost product’s return.

"If 10 items are lost and one of those is tagged by, then there is amuch better chance that that item will be returned," said Hannigan, whose company recently opened offices in San Francisco. and Hannigan’s current focus is establishing marketing campaigns with prominent global companies, such as Lexus and Vodafone, which use as a promotional tool for their own products.

"It’s great exposure for other businesses to hear about us," Hannigan said. "Hopefully other companies will seek how effective our product can be, and they’ll start using us a tool. We can use that experience to promote and strengthen our company and steers users into the customer possibilities of yougetitback."

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Saturday, Oct 20, 2018


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