Yikes! Scalding Edwards excerpt leaves blog feeling dirty 

Oh, get Rielle!

While Harry Reid looks haggard and deals with the fallout of revelations about him in "Game Change," the new campaign book by Mark Halperin and John Heilemann, the book's next shocker is a horrific, detailed, hide-the-children take-down of Elizabeth and John Edwards.

She is a nightmare, according to the authors, and nothing like her sainted public image. He is possibly worse than previously believed, if that can be imagined.

Edwards' campaign staff "were astonished by the narcissism that had infused their candidate. But for a long time, they continued slaving in the service of the illusion at the core of Edwards’s political appeal: that he remained the same humble, aw-shucks son of a mill worker he’d always been. The cognitive dissonance was enormous, sure, but they were used to that. Because for years they’d been living with an even bigger lie—the lie of Saint Elizabeth.

So appalled were they by Edwards' philandering, the authors say, that campaign staffers actually started plotting among themselves to drop a dime on the candidate if the mainstream press continued ignoring successive scoops about his affair in the National Enquirer. Juicy, gossipy, stomach-churning, the chapter on John and Elizabeth Edwards ends with the once Mr. Fabulous in a low place.

Isolated, scorned, turned into a national punch line, Edwards slipped into a dark place. His weight plummeted. His countenance turned sickly. Some of his former aides began to fear that he might kill himself.


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