X in town for summer Boardwalk Beach Party at the Great American tonight 

It’s an unusual event — seeing legendary punk outfit X during a San Francisco summer — instead of around Christmas, as usual.

But here they are, tonight at Great American Music Hall, on a tour billed as the Boardwalk Beach Party — a refreshing sunny diversion for all of us. And co-bandleader John Doe will soon be back through, backing two new solo albums, “Keeper” and “A Day At The Pass,” a set of duets with his longtime chum Jill Sobule.

But what happened to his X partner Exene Cervenka, who canceled her recent Bay Area appearance backing her new “The Excitement Of Maybe” effort? She checked in with us yesterday to explain.

Just as Cervenka’s solo tour started, she says, the Japanese tsunami hit. “And that situation was so devastating, I couldn’t recover from my feelings over it. I got very stressed out, very fatigued, and I got sicker and sicker until I had to stop touring. And I’ve never ever canceled a single show. So I came home and was couchbound for about five days, at which point I felt like I was dying. And I got a bunch of medical tests, but they couldn’t find anything that caused it.”

She lay down on the couch a rocker. She arose an outspoken philosopher.

“My body was inert, but my brain wouldn’t stop functioning,” she recalls.

Humanity is in trouble, she believes. And the root problem is “15,000 years of women being enslaved on this planet, and the belief systems that were directly designed to enslave them. Why do we have the Old Testament? The Code of Hammurabi? The New Testament? All of the world’s belief systems — not just religious, but political, economic, cultural — are designed to enslave women. Pick one.”

She’s also been booking speaking engagements in Southern California, to share her thoughts with others. Besides X, she says, “My whole mission in life now is to unravel the past, make sense of the present, and figure out what we’re supposed to do for the future.”

Follow her at  www.exenecervenka.net, John Doe at www.theejohndoe.com and X at www.xtheband.com.

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