Would you trim military spending for a tax cut? 

I’m not a fan of Alan Grayson — his policies, or his means — but I’ve got to say he makes some great points with his new bill, HR 5353, the “War Is Making You Poor Act.”

The bill would eliminate the $159 billion “emergency spending” for the Iraq & Afghanistan Wars. You’re thinking Grayson being a liberal, he’ll turn around and use that money to fund some new federal program, or poor it into some failing welfare program.

But no, Grayson proposes to use 90% of that money to cut income taxes for everyone who pays income tax. The other 10% goes to reducing the national debt and the federal deficit.

I bet if we targeted pork and corporate welfare in the nearly $600 billion Pentagon budget, we could find the $159 billion to fight these two wars without sham “emergency” bills.

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Saturday, Mar 17, 2018


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