Would you rather have a ramp, or five trees? 

The Board of Supervisors approved the construction of a $528,774 wheelchair ramp for its chambers.

Here are some items one can purchase for about $528,774: a condo in Pacific Heights at $529,000; a new Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren Roadster for $495,000 (the ninth most expensive car in the world); a used Cessna Citation 500 Longwing jet for $495,000; a 66-foot trawler yacht at $480,000; salary for newly elected supervisors throughout their entire four-year terms. Or the Department of Public Works could prop up another five trees at $107,000 each.

The supervisors’ $528,774 wheel-chair ramp makes that $900 Air Force toilet seat look likethe bargain of the century.

Chris Stahr, San Francisco

Live long and prosper

As we come to the last of the space shuttle missions, I can’t help but think that it’s a shame that humanity isn’t investing more in the exploration of space. Instead our politicians engage in petty disputes over power and money.

I have to ask the question. Are we as humans doing as well as we can?

If someday we are going to live the dream of traveling to the stars then we are going to have to, as a species, choose to be smarter about what we are doing with our time and resources.

I would like to envision a future that is more like “Star Trek,” and I think that humanity should step up and make that future happen. We should spend more on exploring space than on fighting for oil.

Marc Perkel, Gilroy

Speed up on DADT

“Don’t ask, don’t tell” has finally been outlawed for gay and lesbian soldiers, leaving me wondering why it couldn’t be implemented immediately. Why the delay?

The unnecessary exposure and discharge for being honest about one’s nature jeopardized our security and violated basic human rights. Likewise, pressuring female soldiers to keep quiet about heterosexual rape incidents also violates human rights, harms military morale and weakens our security.

Why not focus on this real problem?

Jorg Aadahl, San Mateo

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