Would voters have ?hired Mirkarimi now? 

In response to the letter writer in support of Ross Mirkarimi’s reinstatement as sheriff (“Let Mirkarimi fulfill jail-system vision,” Letters, Monday), there is one main issue. Would applicants for law enforcement jobs or sheriff be considered if they had similar convictions on their records? The answer would be no.

If a current law enforcement officer or sheriff were to be convicted of the same violation, he or she would most likely be terminated from employment. Federal law prohibits a person charged with domestic violence from carrying a firearm even if he or she pleads guilty to a lesser charge of false imprisonment.

What type of message is it sending to city law enforcement personnel if their boss is considered exempt from ?this conviction and still allowed to be the head of a law enforcement agency?

As for Mirkarimi receiving more votes than Mayor Ed Lee, Mirkarimi was a current elected official with name recognition and ran against two other major ?contenders.

It was Lee’s first attempt at an elected office, running against several major contenders, and he still won a majority with rank voting.

David Gin
Retired police officer
San Francisco

Ax useless state programs

I write in agreement with a recent letter writer who said Gov. Jerry Brown has education hostage (“Brown holds kids hostage,” Letters, Monday). There is so much fat and waste in the state budget; if we need to make cuts, we can start there.

Is education funding less important than the Commission on the Status of Women? The Commission on Aging? The Athletic Commission? The Film Commission? The Historical Resources Commission? The Native American Heritage Commission? Or my favorite, the Commission on State Mandates? Each of these has one or more corresponding departments, agencies or offices responsible for the same subject matter.

We all have to make choices. Except the government. It’s time the government made some tough choices also.

Cary Fulbright
San Francisco

SFMTA chief steers badly

San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency chief Ed Reiskin has managed to enrage everyone under the agency’s control.

Muni riders are tired of being stranded by undependable, crowded buses; the drivers are frustrated from a lack of support; car owners are upset with the expansion of metered zones and their extended hours, bicyclists are appalled at the parking realignment in Golden Gate Park, and now the cabdrivers are mad about the changes to the taxi medallion deal.

Not a good start.

Tim Donnelly
San Francisco


Kool-Aid joke was hurtful

In a recent  column about the Raiders (“Raiders running like a real organization under McKenzie,” ?Aug. 10), columnist Glenn Dickey used the expression “Kool-Aid drinkers.”

Of course, it is a common expression, but, Mr. Dickey, have you ever thought of where it came from? And do you ever think about the near certainty that every one of your columns is read by someone who lost a loved one at Jonestown?

Would the English language really be poorer if we stopped using that expression?

Albert Alioto
San Francisco

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