Work from home — or the back of a taxi 

Citrix Chief Marketing Officer Wes Wasson discusses how teleworking — or what he calls “the everywhere employee” — is what makes the $2 billion software company so successful.

Why is teleworking becoming so popular?
People now have a new mind-set that they can work from any location. Being bound to one location can be challenging, antiquated and even ridiculous to many users. A smaller reason is that it takes cars off the roads.

What types of people does it suit? Anyone who doesn’t need to be physically in one location. The vast majority of workers who typically go to offices are candidates for teleworking.

Do you telework? Yes. I can work anywhere, from my house and hotels to the back of taxi cabs. It creates a better work-life balance and everyone is happier.

Does it make work less personalized?
The more people work from home, the more they need to have human contact when at the office, so many offices are now open plan.

Are there any cons? No. Employers just have to be thoughtful in making sure employees know it’s accepted and embraced, and that there’s a need for high security in the office place.

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