Woman braved angry mob to stop attack, witness says 

Rescue: Rain Dove, 22, says she intervened to stop a beating in Oakland on Thursday because “no one was helping” a man being attacked by several men. - COURTESY PHOTO
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  • Rescue: Rain Dove, 22, says she intervened to stop a beating in Oakland on Thursday because “no one was helping” a man being attacked by several men.

A 22-year-old Oakland woman is being called a hero after saving the life of a man who was savagely beaten up last week.

Rain Dove told The San Francisco Examiner that she was waiting at a bus stop near 12th Street and Broadway in Oakland about 10 p.m. Thursday when she witnessed a fight break out across the street. Approximately 12 men began chasing another man and a female friend after a man selling CDs harassed the pair.

“There were about 40 people around so at first I didn’t think anything horrible would happen,” Dove said of the crowded intersection.

But the violence escalated quickly when two of the men slammed the woman friend against a wall while the rest of the group tackled the male victim and began kicking him in the head repeatedly, Dove said.

“I asked the guy next to me why no one was helping and he said that there’s an unspoken policy in Oakland that we let things happen and clean up afterwards,” she said. “Right then, I ran across the street and pulled two of the guys off of him who were kicking his face in.”

Dove said she immediately put her hand behind the victim's head to apply pressure where he was bleeding heavily. The group then began breaking up, with several men fleeing.

“It’s a really humbling feeling when pieces of someone’s brain fall into your hand,” Dove said.

While Dove continued to attend to the victim, a witness to the melee said several of the remaining assailants began yelling at and sexually harassing Dove.

“She told them, ‘You’ve done enough. You can either keep threatening me, a defenseless unarmed woman trying to provide medical services to a dying man, or you can go get this guy some water like a decent human being,’” said Damien Hazel, who told The S.F. Examiner that he witnessed the entire incident.

One of the attackers apparently then had a change of heart, as he went with Hazel to a nearby store to get water for the victim.

“Even though he helped cause the mess, I was really proud of him for helping out and trying to redeem himself,” Hazel said.

Both Dove and Hazel said police arrived shortly after the situation calmed down, but by that time none of the attackers remained.

Dove said paramedics who responded to the scene told her that although the man was beaten nearly to death, he will likely make a full recovery thanks to her assistance.

“I don’t know if I’m going to meet” him, she said. “I just hope that he and his girlfriend are OK and that they get to go on another date.”

Police were not available Monday to comment on the incident.


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