With these neighbors, friends and lovers, who needs enemies? 

Neighbors, friends and lovers from hell took center stage in The City last weekend.

Peruse police reports from around San Francisco for the tumultous tales.

Take the friend who phoned her pal in Bernal Heights on Sunday saying she planned to kill her or burn down her apartment — all because of an argument that got heated, police said.

Or what about the Sunday spat in Bernal Heights. A man went to his neighbor to complain about ongoing construction and noise. The neighbor fumed that he was tired of hearing the complaints and that “terrible things were going to happen to him and his family,” police said.

On Saturday, a family feud frightened one Sunnyside woman. She told police that she had to unhook her phone because an enraged family member was left off the will.

“She wanted to report the incident should anything further happen,” police said.

Then there was an ex-lovers brawl. An Outer Sunset resident called cops on his ex-girlfriend Monday. He said the ex came over and was verbally abusive, so he chucked all her things that had been sitting by the garage door out on the sidewalk, police said. She paid him back by kicking and denting his garage door. The man filed a vandalism report.

Another San Franciscan wrote a police report last weekend about a crazed neighbor who believed she’d slept with her husband.

“You’ll see what happens to you,” the accusing neighbor warned.

Then in Portola on Sunday, a man told cops that a female friend wouldn’t stop phoning him and warning him to “watch his back.”

And we won’t soon forget about the 30-year-old man arguing with a woman was pushed out of a second-floor window in the Mission on Monday.

Nor will we forget the Glen Park woman, who was arrested Saturday for sitting on a utility truck in protest of SmartMeter installation in the neighborhood. 

The list goes on and on.


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