With Sheen and BYU basketball, March Madness arrives early 

Why wait for Selection Sunday? March Madness has already arrived.

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is planning to hire Charlie Sheen to host a new reality TV show on his network, HDNet.

While Sheen’s outrageous tirades and partying with porn stars alongside his soon-to-be ex-wife has gone viral, a star BYU basketball player is kicked off the team for reportedly admitting to having consensual sex with his girlfriend.

Sure, it’s a classic contrast between sordid and saintly, but the wayward actor and Cougars forward Brandon Davies are both riding out their destinies in the glare of an ever-growing spotlight.

Sheen’s brilliant portrayal of the crown prince of lunacy may play great in some Hollywood circles and with the Bakersfield Condors hockey team, which on Saturday is hosting a Charlie Sheen Night with half-price tickets to anyone dressing like one of his movie characters and free admission if you bring a clean drug test, but Davies’ indiscretion cuts much deeper at the Mormon-owned university in Provo, Utah.

Interestingly, after athletic director Tom Holmoe told me on KGO (810 AM) Saturday that only 2 to 3 percent of the student population are found guilty of breaking the school’s honor code each year, a number of BYU alumni called to share their personal stories which painted a very different picture.

Tales of wild, alcohol-fueled, off-campus parties were common, said one. Another claimed former star quarterback Jim McMahon “slept with half the school” without punishment, while another student was kicked out for drinking a cup of coffee and a co-ed was expelled for being seen in a car partially exposed. I don’t know if she used a wardrobe malfunction defense, but according to the laws of unintended consequences, maybe enforcement of the honor code isn’t as noble and simple as it seems.

Holmoe wouldn’t address specifics about Davies’ case, but students are required to turn in violators. Does that mean the leading rebounder on the eighth-ranked Cougars flaunted his indiscretion, was the target of a jealous teammate or angry classmate or just voluntarily came forward?

All students must sign a statement agreeing to live a “chaste and virtuous life” which also includes a prohibition on premarital sex, drugs, alcohol, coffee, tea, tobacco, form-fitting clothing, facial hair, tattoos and earrings.

Holmoe said the nation’s largest private university — BYU has 32,000 undergraduates — is “a great and safe place” that turns away more prospective students than any school in the country.

Sheen wouldn’t last 24 hours. Then again, a well-respected Cougars athlete also couldn’t survive the “Gotcha” world at BYU. In NCAA Tournament parlance, Davies was one and done. Sheen is still filling in his brackets.

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