Wishful liberals’ dream: Could Orly Taitz win? Uh, no. 

Orly Taitz, the absolutely insane head of the birther movement, is running for Secretary of State in California. There was absolutely nothing to suggest that she would even come close to winning, but don’t tell that to wishful-thinking liberals like Rachel Maddow, who suggested earlier on MSNBC that she might win.

Well, the early returns show Taitz getting about 25 percent of the vote. Assuming she loses, will Maddow, who tonight has been plagued by technical difficulties and confused the California governor and Senate races, eat some humble pie? Or will she just ignore Taitz’s inconvenient landslide defeat after it happens? At least give her credit for closing her show tonight with the results from that race.

It wasn’t just Maddow: Even Politico was among those unjustifiably bullish on her candidacy.

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