Will the Warriors finally get a good bounce? 

The announcement that the Golden State Warriors are officially up for sale serves as a reminder that the most important position in professional sports is team owner.

Should anyone question that, I would offer three quick responses: John York, Al Davis and, of course, Chris Cohan.

Still, it should be said that unlike other owners of losing franchises, Cohan seemed to be snake-bit with the Warriors, trying every formula under the scoreboard trying to right the team, with 10 head coaches and myriad chiefs of basketball operations. But no matter what group he put together, they just lost, compiling  the second worse record in the NBA since Cohan took over in 1994, better only than the woeful Clippers.

Most people think he's a very nice guy. He just seemed out of his league.

And you have to wonder, if Oracle chief Larry Ellison does buy the team, what exactly we will get. Will he be a megalomaniac owner akin to Dallas Mavericks honcho Mark Cuban, or a savvy businessman like the Seahawks' Paul Allen, who is generally beloved in good times and bad?

This much we know: Ellison hates to lose, and was willing to spend untold millions to bring the America's Cup back to the U.S. shore. And he can probably also see what every local NBA fans already knows - the Warriors need a new coach, and they just might think about drafting a center.
Just for a thought.

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