Will Obama fund a terrorist group that wants to exterminate Jews, or won't he? 

The Washington Post's Jennifer Rubin has been trying in vain to get answers from the Obama administration about whether they would continue aid to the Palestinian Authority given that Hamas has struck a deal with Fatah to be a part of the government. Rubin quotes a State Department official as saying, “If a new Palestinian government is formed, we will assess it based on its policies at that time and will determine the implications for our assistance based on U.S. law.”

This is simply unacceptable. Hamas is a terrorist group founded for the purpose of destroying Israel and exterminating Jews. Whatever public overtures they make to the West will not change that long-term strategy, but merely facilitate it. Hamas has engaged in a decades long campaign of terror, sending its young to blow themselves up in the hopes of killing as many Jews as possible and launching rockets to target Jewish civilians. It launches these rockets from residential areas, schools, and hospitals in hopes of encouraging Israeli retaliation so that the international community will condemn Israel for any civilian casualties. While plotting and carrying out these attacks, Hamas has been indoctrinating its children to carry out the next set of attacks.

Even if we aren't sure about the full implications of the deal between Hamas and Fatah, and it may yet fall through, there is nothing President Obama needs to know for his administration to make a simple statement: the United States will neither provide financing nor recognize any Palestinian government that includes the terrorist group Hamas. America simply does not fund groups whose guiding purpose is to destroy Israel and exterminate Jews. Period. End of story.

As an addendum, I would say that if you want to get insight into the Hamas mindset, you should watch it's children's programming, that glorifies martyrdom. Below, you can see a video of a Mickey Mouse figure on Hamas television talking about liberating Israel from the Zionists by annihilating the Jews and establishing Islamic rule throughout the world. If you find that interesting, you may want to follow it up with this video in which the mouse killed by the Jews, only to be replaced by a honey bee who tortures animals. Of course, the honey bee gets martyred too, and is succeeded by a Jew-eating rabbit. Good times.


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