Will Dems try and slip card check legislation into upcoming jobs bill? 

A cursory reading of this Las Vegas Sun report, "Prospects For Organized Labor's Legislative Agenda Rapidly Fading," suggests -- and not without evidence -- that Big Labor isn't seeing any payoff for their huge investment in the Obama campaign and Democrats generally in the last election. Specifically, unions had hoped for Democrats to pass "card check" legislation, which would effectively end secret ballots in union elections and encourage unions to pressure, intimidate and even bully workers who don't want to unionize. But buried in the Sun article is this bombshell -- Democrats may try and slip card check legislation into an impending jobs bill:

On labor law, Bill Samuel, the AFL-CIO’s legislative director, said the union would try to enlist moderate Republicans but acknowledged the difficulty of achieving a bipartisan bill. He said the federation might consider “other tactics,” meaning the card-check legislation or key parts of it could be placed into a larger jobs bill this year.

Republicans would have to stay especially vigilant to keep this from happening, and it's galling to think that Democrats would slip such a major piece of legislation in through the back door. It's pretty clear that the public supports secret ballots, and for good reason.

Senaking in card check legislation seems like an unlikely possibility for Democrats, but there's also tremendous pressure to pay back one of their most important consituencies. Labor leaders were angered over the "Cadillac Tax" in the Senate health care bill and more recently have been 'fuming' about Democrats inability to vote Craig Becker, a radical, pro-union lawyer on to the National Labor Relations board. Democrats might be willing to support unions -- by any means necessary.

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