Wildlife rehabilitator knows all about raccoons 

Naturalist and Yggdrasil Urban Wildlife Rescue wildlife rehabilitator Megan Isadore will talk about raccoons during a San Francisco Naturalist Society event Thursday at the Randall Museum from 7:30 to 9 p.m.

Are raccoons native to the Bay Area?
Raccoons are native to all of America, but they almost went extinct in North America during the last century because of trapping. They’re still trapped in some areas and there is raccoon hunting in a lot of the country, but they’re not endangered.

What are their favorite habitats? They’re really adaptable and they do great in cities, mountains and everywhere else except for really dry deserts.

What makes raccoons so adaptable? They can eat and use almost any nutrition, from trash can pizza to grasses and mussels. They have great immune systems and do very well after they get injured — they recover remarkably quickly.

How do they get down from trees? They can climb down tree trunks head down because their back feet turn almost
180 degrees.

Do they make good pets?
In some states it’s legal to keep them as pets but I think they make terrible pets because as they grow up they become more eager to go out and roam and do raccoon things.

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