Wiener following his own agenda, not voters’ 

Supervisor Scott Wiener not only voted for the AT&T giveaway, he also voted in favor of $57 million toward purchase of tunneling equipment for the unnecessary Central Subway. With any public development, we all know about the changing cost estimates and misinformation from politicians. In other words, it’s ridiculous.

This is on top of his virtual non-existent efforts to get a Trader Joe’s into the Castro while throwing his weight behind the preposterous idea of bringing in CVS, a type of chain drugstore that the Castro neither wants nor needs.

Wiener clearly has his own personal, individual agenda that has nothing to do with what the voters elected him for in the first place — representing the voters as well as their wants and needs. He appears to me to be a secret Republican flying the Democratic banner (not unlike Sen. Dianne Feinstein) who is transparently and solely out for personal gain.

Daniel Long, San Francisco

Unacceptable court cuts

The devastating cutbacks to the San Francisco justice system announced by Superior Court Presiding Judge Katherine Feinstein are unconstitutional and unacceptable. The San Francisco Chapter of the American Board of Trial Advocates calls upon the governor and the Legislature to rethink the consequences of unequal cuts to the judicial budget.

A judiciary which is closed to virtually all noncriminal disputes is legally unconstitutional and morally wrong because it shields civil wrongdoers and those who elect to breach the terms of their contracts. It invites and encourages chaos.

The financial crisis in front of us will require a stronger judicial branch, not a weaker or nonexistent one. Slashing the judiciary budget because it does not have an equal seat at the table where political deals are done is bad government and should not be tolerated.

Michael P. Bradley, President, ABOTA, San Francisco

Not just bikers break rules

I moved to the Bay Area one year ago and started working in The City about nine months ago. While learning how to get to get around, I drove, walked and now bike to work. Yes, there are bikers who run lights and stop signs, but they are not alone. I see people in cars glide thru stop signs or speed through yellow lights. I see pedestrians walk across a busy intersection against the light.

Let’s not just go after bikers on this, because we are all to blame. And by the way, this is the best place I have ever lived and worked in.

Laura Leigh Cobb, Mountain View

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