Why conservatives should have no love for Lieberman 

When recalling how much the media fawned over pre-nomination John McCain, lionized Jim Jeffords, sanctified Arlen Specter, and generally drool over any Republican "maverick," it's tempting for a conservative to give Joe Lieberman the same treatment.

After all, Lieberman was a thorn in Harry Reid's side, endorsed John McCain, and really pisses off the Left.

But if conservatives care about policies and not just party politics, we need to remember Joe Lieberman as a fierce enemy of conservatism.

Jennifer Rubin is the official conservative blogger at the Washington Post -- and I'm glad the post has one -- but she seems to give Lieberman a free pass today, apparently because of Lieberman's hawkish foreign policy.

Rubin writes that Lieberman has been "good for America." Here's her praise for him:

He championed a robust human rights policy, was indefatigable on national security, strove for a bipartisanship on foreign policy (which now actually seems possible), generally favored pro-growth economic policies and was an unabashed patriot.... if there is one lawmaker who put country above party, practiced civility, and represented "no labels," it was Joe Lieberman. He'll be missed -- by the Senate and the country.

There's lots of talk about Patriotism and integrity, but for a conservative blog post, there's not much explanation as to why conservatives shouldn't be glad to see this go.

"Pro-growth economic policy"? Lieberman opposed the Bush tax cuts in 2001. He got an F from the National Taxpayers Union. He's a tax-and-spend liberal. He's also a big regulator, backing cap-and-trade, ObamaCare, and the Dodd-Frank bill, even after he left the Democratic Party. He also supported the Wall Street bailout and many other corporate-welfare boondoggles -- all of which banks and the Chamber of Commerce would call pro-growth, but most conservatives would not.

Not mentioned in Rubin's blogpost: Guns or Babies. Lieberman championed "closing the gun-show loophole," and voted for the "assault-weapons ban." He voted against the ban on partial-birth abortion.

I understand that many conservatives place hawkish foreign policy at the forefront of their ideology, but even then, Lieberman's at best an occasional ally to the Right -- he's certainly no friend.

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