Why a Scott Brown victory does NOT assure final Obamacare defeat in Congress UPDATED: 'Yes it will' says Barney Frank 

As the Massachusetts special election approaches, those who assume a victory by Republican Scott Brown will deprive Democrats of their filibuster-proof 60-vote majority and thus mean defeat for Obamacare should think again.

The reality is that Massachusetts Democrats have multiple ways to delay certification of the election results and in the process give congressional Democrats time to move the final version of Obamacare past the finish line in the Senate and House.

And even if Democrats in Massachusetts somehow fail to slow down Brown's arrival in the nation's capitol, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi are far from without options at their disposal.

Rick Moran explains the ins and outs of Massachusetts' election certification process here at American Thinker, as well as the possibilities of a last-ditch desperation plunge in Congress that could get Obamacare to the White House but "blow-up" the Senate in the process.

Even if a Brown victory does not assure Obamacare defeat, the bellwether impact of such an electoral outcome heading into the 2010 mid-term congressional election should be enough to greatly boost recruitment of independent conservative candidates, fund raising, and inspiration of volunteers to work the precincts and get out the vote.

In that event, while a GOP takeover of the House might not be in the cards, the more important outcome of the Middle American Rebellion of 2009 might yet be producing 40 to 50 members of a new Tea Party Caucus in Congress devoted forcing genuine change in the nation's capital.

By the way, one option that might be available to Senate Democrats, according to Moran, is flipping Maine Republican Sen. Olympia Snowe, whose grounds for opposing Obamacare to this point allegedly have been taken care of in the final dickering now heading to a conclusion.

UPDATE: Rep. Barney Frank sees Obamacare defeat in Brown victory

Massachusetts Rep. Barney Frank has told AP that "if Scott Brown wins, it'll kill the health bill." Frank's comment may not reflect his considered opinion but rather be intended to fire up worried Democrats for Tuesday's special election to fill the Senate seat held from 1962 to 2009 by Ted Kennedy.

In any case, it's crystal clear that a Brown victory would be a momentous warning to President Obama and congressional Democrats that they have gone too far, and could be an early sign heralding a revolution at the ballot box come November. 

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