Who's 'fomenting' what? 

We were just thrust into war by a liberal Democratic president who campaigned largely on his opposition to and criticism of George W. Bush's wars. The political landscape is interesting these days.

As a microcosm, check ThinkProgress, the blog of the Center for American Progress. While one blogger, Zaid Jilani, acknowledges that "has spawned a lively debate, with eloquent arguments being made for and against this action," another CAP blogger -- whom I know personally and like -- presents it differently. Here's a line from the blog post that runs under the header of "Radical Right-Wing Agenda":

Over the last 48 hours, as President Obama contemplated and then authorized U.S.-led military strikes in Libya “in support of an international effort to protect Libyan civilians,” Fox News talking heads have attempted to foment domestic political opposition to the president by questioning his priorities and leadership.

Who talks that way? I guess "foment" doesn't always have a negative connotation, but it's almost always used to suggest either something negative or at least very disruptive. I would say those objecting to the way Obama entered us into this war are "criticizing the people in power."

I'm sure there's plenty of partisan hypocrisy in the criticism of the war (and in the criticism of the wars critics), and "vacation" is a silly way to describe this trip to Latin America. But I don't think anyone on Fox is "fomenting" anything.

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