Who lost his job so you could get your 'green job'? 

If you haven't read Frederic Bastiat's essay, What Is Seen and Unseen you should. And if you think green subsidies and regulations create jobs, you should read the essay, too.

Ron Bailey at Reason applies Bastiat to green jobs over at Reason. Read the piece, here's the conclusion:

“Electricity generation across all sources creates far fewer jobs than other activities in the economy; the estimates in the figure suggest that they range between 17-67 percent of the average job-creation in the economy,” reports Huntington. “These net job losses mean that subsidies to either green or conventional sources will detract rather than expand the economy’s job base, because they will shift investments from other sectors that will create more employment.”

Another way to look at it is that in the worst cases, investing in solar power destroys seven jobs, wind eight jobs, biomass eight jobs, coal six jobs, and natural gas eight jobs, each compared to the 10 jobs generally created per million dollars of investment. All subsidies to the electric power sector divert money that would otherwise be invested in higher value wealth and job-creating activities.

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