White House: Indonesia is not a vacation! 

         Gibbs: This is not a vacation at all.

President Obama is skipping the annual Gridiron Dinner this year -- heaven forfend! -- because he is taking the family to Indonesia during the girls' spring break from school. The Indonesia stop is part of a six-day trip that will also bring Obama to Guam and Australia.

The White House initially claimed Obama was skipping the Gridiron -- for the second year in a row -- because he wanted his kids to see the country where he spent four of his formative years.

But now the administration says Indonesia is no vacation:

Q: One other thing. Indonesia has been portrayed by some, in some articles, as more of a vacation trip than a policy and diplomacy trip. How much of it is a vacation, taking the family along?

Gibbs: It's not a vacation at all. I have not seem the criticism that you're referring to.

Q: It's not criticism. Nobody is criticizing. They're simply saying that part of what he's doing is taking the family to show where he grew up for four years of his life. It's kind of an educational trip for the family.

Gibbs: As I mentioned earlier, it's the largest Muslim country in the world. The president will build off the speech he gave in Cairo. The president will attend a democracy conference in Indonesia; will highlight counterterrorism. That's the focus of the trip....

Q: It's not a family education trip, too?

Gibbs: No, no, not at all.


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