When writers at the Nation start to sound like me 

Because my main beat is the alliance of Big Business and Big Government that hurts consumers, competitors, taxpayers, and workers, I often have common ground with the Left. Corporate welfare gets a bipartisan embrace in the center, and bipartisan opposition on the wings.

This article by Robert Scheer in The Nation today is very liberal, but much of the meat of the piece is stuff I almost could have written. Here's one passage:

Big government, the devil that Republicans love to inveigh against, is big precisely because it is so active in so many costly ways in serving the interests of our biggest corporations. Corporate lobbyists attest with their every breath that big government and big business are bedmates in a bountiful venture that impoverishes the rest of us.

Scheer's conclusion is the flipside of the same conclusion I would make:

It is the corporations that need big government to protect their interests, and one would hope they would be willing to pay for the services that their government so faithfully renders to make them obscenely wealthy as it studiously ignores the well-being of the rest of us.

I would say, instead, It is the corporations that benefit so much from Big Government, so why don't we let them foot the tab?

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