What's this? Union protestors, Tea Partiers share common core values? 

What's the last thing you would expect to hear in politics today? Obama switches parties? Reid says 'shut it down and throw away the keys"? How about "Tea Partiers, union protestors share common core values"?

I did a double-double-take on that one when I saw that it was about a study produced by the new research arm of the Sam Adams Alliance (SAM), insightsLab. The study, entitled "Madison Unwrapped: Reading the union label," focused on in-depth interviews with selected protestors representing Tea Partiers and unions at the height of the demonstrations in Wisconsin's state capitol building in Madison.

"This study is significant because it shows where the Tea Partiers and unions can meet in the middle and find common ground," said Yvonne Ralsky, who is executive director of SAM. "The research team at insightsLab didn't expect to discover that the passions of the Tea Partiers and Unions transcend policy positions or politics, and motivate people to activism."

'"Madison Unwrapped' is the first activist insights report of 2011. Along the lines of last year's Tea Party 'Early Adopters' report, 'Madison Unwrapped: Reading the Union Label' provides insight into the segments found within the union protestors in Madison. More importantly, it demonstrates where collaboration and understanding will fulfill the 'deep values' of both sides," the alliance said in a news release about the study.

The surprising result, according to the release, was that the insightsLab researchers discovered a significant portion of the people they interviewed were on opposing sides in the Wisconsin conflict, but held certain common core values.

You can read the full report here. For more on the Sam Adams Alliance, go here.


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