What the Left is saying about Ryan's budget 

House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan, R-Wis., releases his budget plan this morning. It's a controversial document because it cuts spending by $4 trillion over ten years and by $6 trillion compared to President Obama's budget.

Not everyone is happy. Here part of the press release from the left-wing Campaign for America's Future:


Ryan’s Roadmap to Ruin:  Caters to the Wealthy & Would Bury the Middle Class  

“Rep. Paul Ryan’s budget plan will push rising health care costs onto those least able to afford them – the elderly, the disabled and the poor.  It will do nothing to curb the rising costs imposed by the powerful complexes – insurance and drug companies, private hospitals – that now force Americans to pay twice per capita of any other industrial nation for worst results. At a time of Gilded Age inequality, with the wealthiest 1% capturing 25% of all income and paying a lower effective tax rate than the teachers of their children, it would stunningly lower top end tax rates for individuals and corporations."

Here's the problem: Even Ryan's budget, with these massive cuts, doesn't balance the budget by the end of the decade. So with that in mind, consider this: How seriously are we supposed to take people who resist much, much smaller cuts for this year -- $60 billion, $100 billion -- and who have no answer for the future except tax increases?

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