What other 'less than lethal' weapons are San Francisco police looking at? 

Opponents of Tasers may say that the San Francisco Police Commission basically gave the green light to the stun guns at during Wednesday night’s marathon meeting, but the Police Department is here to dispel those thoughts.

The commission only agreed to study using the stun guns. The incoming San Francisco Police Department chief has to come back in 90 days to present another report to the commission.

That report will look at all “less-than-lethal options.” It’s unclear what options the report will include, but we wonder if it includes a cursory look at other options that have been studied by the Department of Justice, such as:

-“Goo” guns, which slow down evildoers with a sticky substance
-Kevlar netting, which ensnares bad guys until backup arrives
-Odor weapons that emit fowl smells and disrupt thugs’ olfactory senses
-“Anti-traction” devices that pull the rug from under a punk’s feet
-Light weapons, which blind ne’er-do-wells
-Drug weapons that spray unruly crowds with calming chemicals


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