What does Brad DeLong want -- an excuse to blame Republicans for ObamaCare? 

Economist Brad DeLong suddenly wonders why no one has been drawing the obvious comparison between ObamaCare and RomneyCare:

So why are none of the talking heads on your TV screen and none of the op-ed writers in your newspaper talking about how this health plan is a big victory for Mitt Romney and Republican policy analysts? Because there has been a conspiracy of silence among those working for the bill and those working against it.

Republicans working against the bill have been unwilling to say "It's RomneyCare!" because they would then face the awkward question of why they did not support it.

Of course, an awful lot of people on the Right never supported Romney or his health care bill. He was attacked for it from some quarters throughout the 2008 presidential primaries. And for DeLong's benefit, here are a few pieces from last week alone on the obvious similarities between the two bills:

Wall Street Journal, Mar. 17: The Failure of RomneyCare

The American Conservative, Mar. 15: ObamaCare is RomneyCare

Your humble servant, Mar. 18: What Obamacare has already done for Massachusetts

And then there's Phil Klein at the Spectator, who I know has been watching for developing similarities between ObamaCare and RomneyCare since as early as the beginning of 2009:

The American Spectator, Dec. 15, 2009: Is Romney a big loser in Senate compromise?

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