Welcome, Senator Brown! Honk. 


Bipartisanship, reimagined: Mama like!                                       (SNL)

Yes, yes -- we know. Our beloved colleague Susan Ferrechio has already posted on Scott Brown's imminent arrival in Congress. But -- it's Scott Brown! Attention must be paid.

Not to crassly objectify the distinguished gentleman (Us? Double standard?), but that SNL skit last weekend more or less nailed it: Hottie alert! Those naked pictures! And we cannot wait to see what the dude from Wrentham is going to make of the august, pompous, puffed-up U.S. Senate, and vice versa. As we say back in Mass, cultcha clash!

An emerging pop culture icon -- not quite on the scale of Sarah Palin -- Brown also has been fashioned into an action figure in three versions. From the Boston Herald:

There’s the “2012 Executive Scott Brown,” dressed ever-so-presidentially in a suit. Then there’s the “Scott Brown Everyman,” dressed in a white T-shirt, jeans and sneakers. Which, if you ask us, makes the senator-elect look like a member of the Log Cabin Club! Where’s the manly barn jacket????

But best of all, is the anatomically correct Scott Brown Cosmo Doll, with rippling biceps, a Situationesque six pack and an oh-so-demure fig leaf!

Barn jacket? See, that's not a dig at John Kerry. Brown also wears a version! Less preppy, though. Speaking of, we know which version of the Scott Brown action figure we want on our desk at the White House. Just in time for Valentine's Day!

Now that's what we call legislative action. (herald photo)

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