Website creator wants you to know your food 

Andrew Naber, the founder of the Bay Area-based website Food Sprout (, launched in August, explains how it focuses on making food transparent for the consumer.

How does the website work? Consumers go onto the site and select a city. They choose a restaurant and can find out what suppliers and ingredients they use by location on Google Maps. They can also search farmers markets, products and farms. We’re helping the consumer answer questions like how the food is produced, where the ingredients come from and if they are sustainable. We’re helping restaurants become more sustainable and making them aware of the impact food has on the planet. A new feature will help people calculate their carbon footprint by keeping track of where and what they eat.

What inspired you to set up Food Sprout? A lot of things. The movie “Food, Inc.” highlighted that a lot of food supplies are dominated by large corporations that don’t want to know about the impact food has on the planet. I’ve also worked in the industry, so I saw food from a manufacturing point of view. I want to show people where their food is really coming from.

How do you gather the data? We gather it ourselves, but restaurants also give us their data and can upload information to their account.

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