Was Justin ‘miserable’ while dating Jessica? 

What’s the real reason Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel broke up? The couple of almost four years issued a statement saying they dissolved their relationship mutually, but there’s some buzz that they split over her talk of marriage. And an insider told Us magazine that J.T. “had been aggressively trying to end things” since mid-January.

“He hasn’t been happy with Jessica for close to two years,” the “Social Network” star’s pal said. “You’d be surprised at how soon the love was lost on this one. Justin said he was miserable.”

Allegedly, Jessica wanted him to put a ring on it, but Justin broke it down for her in a bombshell conversation.

“He just said he didn’t want to marry her and it didn’t feel right,” the pal said. “It just stung her in the heart.

“He didn’t admit the cheating, even though we all knew it.” Rumors of infidelity have dogged Justin, though many reports say they are false allegations.

But a source close to Jessica countered to People magazine, “She wasn’t even thinking about marriage. That didn’t play a part in their breakup at all.”

Added the insider, “He was invested in their relationship on a lot of different levels. After four years, it’s just not easy to walk away from it.”

Just your typical post-breakup case of his-source-said, her-source-said.

Let’s Make a Deal

Although a judge scolded Radar Online for making public confidential details of Lindsay Lohan’s plea bargain offer, the paparazzi website is still dishing dirt on the case. The latest: The offer, previously said to consist of three to six months in prison, has now reportedly been whittled down to just 90 days or less in jail.

The actress has been charged with felony theft and offered a deal to plead guilty or no contest. But she maintains the necklace she allegedly stole was in fact a loaner from the boutique, and LiLo is reportedly ready to take her chances at a trial.  

“There is jail time ahead for Lindsay, though — there is no mistake about that,” a source said. “If she doesn’t accept the plea deal and insists on going to trial, she will serve some time for parole violation, regardless of whether she is ultimately found guilty of the theft charges or not.

“Lindsay should take the plea deal, period. That deal would include the least amount of jail time possible in the case. Judge [Keith] Schwartz has told Lindsay that he would sentence her to 60 to 90 days, if she accepted a plea deal, which she would serve in [Los Angeles] County Jail,” not the harsher environment of state prison.

The beleaguered starlet must make a decision about whether to accept the offer by Wednesday. And if she opts to let the case go to trial, all bets are off.

Love’s Not All You Need

More than two years after being assaulted by then-boyfriend Chris Brown, Rihanna is able to look back and wax philosophical about the incident.

“It actually gave me a lot of liberation,” the singer muses to Vogue magazine. “What I mean is, I was able to tap into the personal part of my music. I started to tell stories through my music that were actually my stories.”

“My album before that, there was still a little bit of protection; there was still an innocence to me,” RiRi explains. “And what that time in my life did was kind of wake people up: It’s not all a bed of roses. My life is like yours.”

Recently split from her last beau, baseball player Matt Kemp, Rihanna says, “I think it’s a really special thing to find love. It’s beautiful. Nothing can match it. But I want to make sure that I find other things in life that I love besides ... love.”

Strangely enough, that made sense.

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