Was Anna Nicole changing her will? 

New evidence suggests Anna Nicole Smith may have been revising her will just five days before her mysterious death at age 39. A 2001 document released to the press was drafted before the birth of the late model’s daughter, Dannielynn — and leaves everything to son Daniel, now deceased.

But a fax cover sheet unearthed by Web site TMZ.com, believed to be from the office of lawyer Ron Rale, shows that a copy of Anna’s will was faxed to an unknown recipient Feb. 3.

The site notes that Rale’s only known link to Anna was his client Howard K. Stern — Anna’s partner and the executor of the 2001 will — and suggests that a drug-addled Anna might not have been competent to make changes to her will in the last days of her life … raising the suspicion that Howard could have been the one seeking a rewrite.

The plot thickens.

Brody’s Bad Manners

(Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images) Brody Jenner denies that he hooked up with Nicole Richie to get publicity for himself.

Reality star and Nicole Richie ex Brody Jenner says a magazine profile portraying him as a social-climbing user is completely untrue.

In a new Details article reported shortly before Brody began dating Nicole last summer, his BFF reveals their alleged master plan to get press, saying, "Here’s what you’re gonna do. You’re gonna start dating Nicole Richie. And you’re gonna get that skinny [expletive] to eat, all right? You are about to become The Guy Who Got Nicole Richie to Eat. … You’ll be, like, a [expletive] hero to America."

(Frankly, we concur that would have been a heroic achievement. But Brody and Nicole lasted only a couple of months.)

But Brody told People he’s "horrified" by the article: " I genuinely love Nicole. ... I would never say or do anything hurtful to those I love and respect. I’m sorry it was represented that way."

Details’ editor countered that the magazine stands by the story.

Hathaway’s Wild Days

(Photo by Evan Agostini/Getty Images) Some of Hollywood's party girls could take a lesson from Anne Hathaway, who got over the wild child scene.

When you think of Hollywood party girls, Anne Hathaway is just about the last person who comes to mind. But despite her wholesome image, the "Devil Wears Prada" star insists she’s got a naughty streak to rival Lindsay Lohan’s.

"You know, Lindsay and I have a lot more in common than people think," the supposedly squeaky-clean "Princess Diaries" actress tells Britain’s Sunday Times. "We’ve all done things we shouldn’t; it’s just I did stuff at college, when nobody knew about it, so I’m not a saint."

In those days, "I wasted time doing self-destructive things, but it didn’t work," Anne, 24, reveals. "I found out you can only dance on so many tabletops. I got that all out of my system, and now I’m healthy and I’m grounded."

LiLo, are you listening? Text this girl pronto — you could use a friend like her!

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