WaPo lays into Obama over Mediscare tactics 

Here is the lede from the Washington Post's top editorial today:

DEMOCRATS MAY BE feeling smug about their campaign against the House Republican budget plan, and as a matter of politics, they’re no doubt right. If the goal is to deal with the long-term fiscal challenge, though, the Democrats’ political success is apt only to prolong the gridlock and make the eventual solution that much more painful.

Democrats have effectively scared seniors as a political tactic for many years. Republicans turned the tables in 2010, using the Medicare scare tactic against Democrats. Now Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) has given President Obama and his party a chance to reclaim the low ground, and they haven’t hesitated.

It's a point we've made many times in our own pages: "Simply preserving Medicare as we know it is not an option." The only question at this point is how it will change. There are two options on the table right now. One is to create a private, subsidized market for old-age health insurance (that somewhat resembles Obamacare) in place of the single-payer system that exists currently. The other is to adopt more stringent rationing in Medicare and hope for the best.

The Post seems to think that the Mediscare tactics make for good politics. If history is our guide, they are correct. But I do wonder -- if the Post opinion page sees through this as clearly as we do, can the public really be fooled?

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