Want to kill an industry? Tax it, like Colorado 

Colorado Democrat Gov. Bill Ritter decided not to seek a second term despite the fact he was elected in the midst of a massive resurgence by his party that also saw it take over the legislature in the Rocky Mountain state. Should be a good time to get another term, right?

Well, not if you and your buddies in the legislature have been raising taxes, killing jobs, and doing the bidding of your state's liberal and labor activists.

One of Ritter's measures was the "Amazon tax," a levy imposed on Internet retailers located within a particular state. When Colorado legislators approved the proposal, it promptly produced results described in today's edition of Human Events by journalist Valerie Richardson:

"In February, Colorado became the fourth state to approve the tax, which requires Internet retailers with in-state "affiliates" -- individuals operating websites with links to cyber-companies like Amazon.com -- to collect the state sales tax. New York, North Carolina and Rhode Island have already passed their own Amazon taxes.

"Colorado Democrats predicted that revoking what they described as the Internet sales-tax exemption would bring an additional $5 million to the state's depleted coffers. Instead, it appears the Democrat-controlled legislature has killed an entire industry at the cost of as many as 10,000 jobs."

Career politicians never learn - If you want less of something, tax it more. If you want more of something, tax it less. Richardson has the rest of the story here.

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