Want to host a MoveOn oil spill vigil? 

One man’s tragedy is another man’s “turning point.” MoveOn.org has sent an email to its members calling on them to host oil spill…vigils.

By Tuesday, the oil spill in the Gulf will have been gushing out for 50 days straight. It might already be five times larger than the Exxon Valdez, and now BP says that the spill probably won’t be stopped until

Meanwhile, our political leaders in Washington aren’t even talking about the real solution–getting off oil once and for all, and fully powering our economy with clean energy. It’s clear we need a major public outcry to make this horrible tragedy a turning point.

So on Tuesday–day 50 since the spill–we’re organizing emergency Oil Spill Vigils to demand an end to our dependence on oil, call for stepped-up efforts to end the spill, and stand in solidarity with all those affected in the Gulf.

If they’d been around last month, they could have done something more productive, like hold a vigil outside the White House calling on them to stop the foot-dragging and approve Gov. Bobby Jindal’s coastal protection plan.

In any case, how many people do you suppose will drive automobiles to get to these vigils?

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