Violence is keeping patrons out of library 

"Man arrested on assault charges in bloody attack at San Francisco Main Library," The City, Friday

Your article shows yet another example of how idiotic tolerance of abusive behavior fostered by some of our local politicians has now even made our Main Library an unsafe venue for the average citizen to use.

As long as voters keep electing politicians who seem to feel this kind of mayhem is the price we pay for a misguided sense of tolerance, this will continue. Tolerance should never be extended to those who come into our city to act in an abusive manner.

Library officials should do what BART has recently done and get legislation passed to bar chronic offenders from the library. It's long past time San Francisco residents started taking back our public venues from these abusive outsiders.

E.F. Sullivan,

San Francisco

"Catholic Diocese enters Mission gentrification debate — as landlord," The City, Thursday

Church profiting off S.F.?

I read about the San Francisco Archdiocese and its attempts to oust 24th Street merchants to take advantage of rising rents along that corridor. The Catholic Church owns a great deal of commercial property in The City, earning it millions per month.

To me the glaring question raised by this article is whether the church pays taxes on all this property, or is this revenue — generated on the backs of city citizens, renters and other property owners — a tax-free windfall?

Katherine Pietrycha,

San Francisco

"Federal memo sparks last-minute push to regulate medical marijuana," The City, September 9

Pot use hardly 'medical'

The only thing medical about current medical marijuana in California is its name. There are no controls for fungus, pesticides, molds, bacteria and other toxins. One of the characteristics of medical-quality cannabis is that it is purified and standardized. The Dutch, in addition to their policy of decriminalization of small amounts for personal use through cannabis coffee shops, also has an Office for Medicinal Cannabis.

Dutch doctors only prescribe (not recommend) medicinal cannabis if the standard treatments and registered medicines are not having the desired effect or are causing too many side effects. Currently in California, the need for medical marijuana is self-diagnosed, practically self-prescribed and has no time limit. How medical is that?

Fiona McGregor,

San Francisco

"Bay Bridge span to be named for Willie Brown," The City, Thursday

Call Willie's bridge Junior

Since our state legislators have now named the western span of the Bay Bridge after Willie L. Brown Jr., I would suppose most will refer to that section as Junior.

William J. Coburn,

San Francisco

Barry Bonds trial

Hit Bonds where it hurts

Barry Bonds' felony conviction was upheld in court Friday. Thus, baseball Commissioner Bud Selig must act immediately in the best interests of baseball by taking these steps: 1) Make the official record reflect an asterisk next to Bonds' home run total, 2) Prohibit Bonds from seeking employment in any capacity in baseball, 3) During Bonds' most abusive years — 2001-2007 — any and all titles won by the Giants are to be reversed and awarded to the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Fair is, after all, fair.

John W. Lillpop,

San Jose

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