Video series highlights Bay Area cultural spots 

Brian Berrebbi, host of The Onion’s AV Club series “Pop Pilgrims,” is releasing five-minute video profiles of Bay Area cultural spots this week, including Jimmy Stewart’s Lombard Street house from “Vertigo,” City Lights Books and punk-rock venue 924 Gilman St. in Berkeley.

Why did you choose San Francisco as one of your first pop culture destinations? We had an idea to do a travel show and go to the places that have been seminal or recognizable in pop culture. San Francisco was good because we found good examples for film, literature and music. We wanted to cover one of each, which San Francisco has. In L.A., we obviously focused mostly on film.

What is the larger aim of the project’s Web video? Having some experience with neuroscience, I know that when someone mentions something in pop culture, it activates a memory in the same part of the brain as if it were someone’s own experience or memory. We are all members of this pop culture experience.

What are some places you wanted to go that you didn’t have time to cover? When I think of San Francisco, I always think of the house from “Full House.” And Jimmy Stewart’s “Vertigo” house was right down the street from the San Francisco “Real World” house. I almost freaked out. I was like, “That’s where Puck put his finger in Pedro’s peanut butter!”

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