Van Jones sends me an email 

Van Jones just sent me an email. The note, courtesy of, invites me to help suggest and rate ideas on how to improve the economy. He writes:

I trust my neighbors more than any Wall Street bank, hedge fund, or oil company. I think we all do.

But we keep letting the banks and multinational corporations, and their high-priced lobbyists, call the shots in our economy. You know what? I think they're doing a terrible job. Now it's time for us, the American people, to come up with our own vision.

So today we're launching a new effort. And we need your help.

Our goal is to help create a "Contract for the American Dream"—a people-powered plan for creating an economy that works for ALL of us.

When I clicked through to look at the ideas, I got this:

Alternative exchanges of time and energy
Add to prosperity and security by developing and participating in alternative local currencies and time banking, which tend to give value to the often undervalued, and promote creativity and momentum, which can then flow into the job market.
Uh....yeah. I'd remember this next time you hear of crazy Tea Partiers doing "crazy" stuff like trying to create state currencies, because this is just as wacky if not more so. And in case you have never heard of time-banking, here's a primer.

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