Upkeep on disgusting BART seats is costly 

It doesn’t take a germophobe like Howard Hughes to know that the seats on BART are gross. Spending money to replace them every three years instead of every six is an exercise in futility and a waste of money. Plastic seats, like those on Muni, would not only last longer, they would also allow thorough cleaning — something today’s upholstered ones don’t.

John Bennett, San Francisco

Stop Botanical Garden fee

The senseless Arboretum (“Botanical Garden”) fees — which actually lose money after expenses — are like the uninvited house guest that will not go home.

If this legislation stands, these counterproductive fees will continue to alienate visitors and result in continued closure of gates and shortened hours. The San Francisco Botanical Garden Society has been given supreme suzerainty over these precious 55 acres of Golden Gate Park.

The Board of Supervisors needs to reconsider.

Harry S. Pariser, San Francisco

Bad deal for city parks

In your Wednesday story “Supes won’t prune Botanical Garden fees,” Recreation and Park Department General Manager Phil Ginsburg is quoted as saying, “Every dollar we earn is a dollar in service we do not have to cut.” This is truly a disingenuous remark when you consider he decided to totally exclude the competing rent offered in the evaluation and selection of a vendor for the Stow Lake concession lease.

The City ended up leaving a significant amount of rent on the table, which could have gone a long way toward supporting services being cut due to budget constraints.

Cal Tilden, San Francisco

Money wasted on dogs

With all the potholes, broken sidewalks, falling-over trees and hungry children in San Francisco, The City is going to spend $10 million renovating an off-leash dog park? Lafayette Park has one of the 22 off-leash areas in The City, but the dogs run in the children’s play zone, on the tennis courts and everywhere except the official area.

The sense of entitlement of the Pacific Heights residents is overwhelming. That area needs a tax reassessment to cover the damage to the park from their “babies” — not city tax dollars from the Recreation and Park Department for improvements.

Darge Arnan, San Francisco

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