Unsafe cycling extends to official circles, too 

On Tuesday morning, I watched two bicyclists conduct a conversation while riding side-by-side in the traffic lane of eastbound Irving Street. The cyclists slowed — but did not stop — as they pedaled their way across 22nd Avenue.

Sounds like another outrage by scofflaw bicyclists, right?

Oh, by the way, both riders happened to be bike-mounted San Francisco police officers.

Riley B. VanDyke
San Francisco

More than just a click

Wouldn’t you think the president should have a team of fact-checkers for a speech as important as the State of the Union address? He said that a click of a mouse gives veterans access to their medical records. This is definitely not true.

Only the medical records that veterans themselves upload to a VA site called myhealthevet.va.gov are available online. The only way to get these records in the first place is to request them in writing from the records section, which can possibly take months.

David Fife
San Francisco

Passing on pension cost

“Time to get real about public-sector pensions,” your Jan. 26 editorial, was mistaken in saying, “Genuine transparency could bring a sudden end to decades of … free health insurance.” Health insurance of public employees and retirees is not free just because they don’t pay any of the costs. The rest of us are paying for it in the form of higher taxes and reduced services.

Politicians make lots of promises while they’re in office because it buys votes. Unfortunately, the costs of these promises are often shifted onto future taxpayers. It’s too bad we can’t send these politicians and their supporters a bill for those costs.

One of the factors driving the high cost of medical care is the fact that so many people pay their health costs with someone else’s money.

Leslie E. Mangus
San Francisco

Stick to what’s important

Nonbinding resolutions by the San Francisco Board of Supervisors are a waste of the supervisors’ and staff’s time — which is a waste of taxpayers’ money.

The latest resolution condemns the University of San Francisco for selling radio station KUSF’s radio frequency.

USF is not the property of San Francisco and is not obligated to check with the supervisors when making business decisions.

The supervisors should stick to do what they were elected to do — take care of the people’s business. Nonbinding resolutions such as Meatless Mondays have nothing to do with the people’s business.

Howard Epstein
San Francisco

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Tuesday, Sep 26, 2017


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