Unions demand HuffPo's 'riches,' but get nowhere dealing with liberal hypocrites 

“The Huffington Post has been under strike for weeks, and nobody seems to notice,” points out NewsReal blogger Walter Hudson.

That’s because the “scabs” in this case happen to be elite left-wing, union-friendly “progressive” writers who raise bloody hell when anybody else crosses a picket line, but apparently have no problem doing so themselves.  

From Daily Kos:

“There is a strike, boycott and electronic picket line targeting the Huffington Post. That strike has been called by two legitimate unions: the Newspaper Guild (an affiliate of the Communications Workers of America) and the National Writers Union, Local 1981 of the United Auto Workers. The two unions, and hundreds of bloggers throughout the country, are trying to get a share of the riches pocketed by the owners of the Huffington Post via its sale to AOL, and, as important, set a standard for fair treatment in the future….

“This strike can be won. But, the many bloggers who call themselves ‘liberals’ or ‘progressives’ - people who collect money from unions and/or ask for labor's political endorsements - have to stop crossing the Huffington Post electronic picket line. But, they continue to work for – scab - at a workplace that is being struck and boycotted….

 “And because many of these liberals/progressives are at the forefront of correctly excoriating the anti-union forces in the country, let them answer this. How do you demand from Scott Walker or anyone else that they honor union rights if you aren’t willing to do the same? Everyone of the scabs at the Huffington Post will be, and should be, the poster children for progressive hypocrisy trotted out by the right.”

Hear that Arianna? The unions want your riches. They want tribute.

Only progressive hypocrisy will keep it away from them.

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