UN calling for cease-fire in Libya 

According to Voice of America, U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and his top humanitarian envoy Valerie Amos are calling for an immediate cease-fire in Libya as rebel forces continue to lose ground to Gadhafi’s forces. From VOA:

Shelling and sniper fire by forces loyal to Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi killed 17 people in the western city of Misrata Sunday, while rocket and artillery attacks on the eastern town of Ajdabiya sent rebel fighters and civilians fleeing.

In Misrata, at least 47 people also were wounded in the fighting, during which Gadhafi’s forces fired on a makeshift trauma center.

A cease-fire may be just what the NATO-backed rebels need since it was reported Friday that “NATO is running short of precision bombs.” The Washington Post reported:

NATO officials said that their operational tempo has not decreased since the United States relinquished command of the Libya operation and withdrew its strike aircraft at the beginning of April. More planes, they said, would not necessarily result immediately in more strike missions.

But, they said, the current bombing rate by the participating nations is not sustainable. “The reason we need more capability isn’t because we aren’t hitting what we see — it’s so that we can sustain the ability to do so. One problem is flight time, the other is munitions,” said another official, one of several who were not authorized to discuss the issue on the record.

European arsenals of laser-guided bombs, the NATO weapon of choice in the Libyan campaign, have been quickly depleted, officials said. Although the United States has significant stockpiles, its munitions do not fit on the British- and French-made planes that have flown the bulk of the missions.

The U.N. has already secured a deal with Gadhafi to allow humanitarian aid in western areas of Libya under Gadhafi’s control. But rebels are still asking for NATO ground troops to help secure the port city of Misrata.

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