UK fans debate the Obama effect on college hoops 

The Examiner has strong ties to the Hillbilly Firewall, so it did not go unnoticed here that President Obama placed a phone call today to the members of the University of Kentucky Wildcat basketball team to thank them for holding a Haiti fundraiser.

Examiner sportswriters Kevin Dunleavy and Craig Stouffer have been bullish on the Cats all year and like their chances heading into tonight's game at South Carolina. But it's still a tough road test for a team lugging an undefeated record and a fresh No.1 ranking.

Kentucky fans certainly aren't taking anything for granted and their worries about a loss to an SEC rival may be getting the better of them. The president's call was the subject of heated debate at the main chat board for UK fans, Cats Pause, about whether it would prove distracting for the team to talk to POTUS before their big game.

Poster dinsmojd lets us know how seriously Cats fans take their basketball:


Obama goes to Copenhagen - We lost!

Obama campaigns for Deeds in VA - Deeds lost!

Obama campaigns for Corzine in NJ - Corzine lost!

Obama campaigns for Coakley in Mass - Coakley lost!


Love him or hate him, he is the kiss of death and we should just let it ring.


If the president is thanking college hoops teams for their good deads, he might also want to call the fellas at DePaul this evening. Maybe about 7 pm.

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