UCLA study: Green jobs won't do much for Calif. economy. Neither will stimulus projects. 

President Obama’s plan for the economy: First have government assume even more of the nation’s health care costs, in hopes that those costs can be miraculously driven down. Second, compel the use of “green energy,” which will create all kinds of “green jobs.”

Or will it?

The quarterly Anderson Forecast from the University of California, Los Angeles said the state’s abundance of universities and research labs, along with its dominance as a magnet for tech-focused venture capital, have positioned it to lead the country in environmentally minded industries.

But there’s no sign that demand for solar-panel installers, wind-farm workers and other green positions will be strong enough to drive California’s unemployment rate below the national average, the forecast said.

“As we look at the hype around ‘green is going to drive the economy,’ the fact is, not really,” Jerry Nickelsburg, author of the forecast, said in an interview.

And then, just to add insult to injury:

Federal stimulus money, meanwhile, will boost public works spending in the coming years, but few projects are likely to start in the near-term due to lengthy planning, permitting and contracting processes.

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