Uberhawks take up arms against the debt deal 

David Frum likes to earnestly lecture conservatives for not being too dogmatic on matters of taxes, the proper role of government, abortion, and more. It's helped him earn plaudits on the Left as a "reasonable" conservative.

Today, we get another hint as to why Frum has such derision for the "cut-taxes-forever faction of the Republican party," and it's not one that will please the Left: This debt deal, driven in part by Tea Party-insistence on spending cuts, threatens to curb our military spending.

Frum has made it clear in the past that he thinks the U.S. military can bring about "An End to Evil," that those opposing the Iraq invasion are probably "Unpatriotic," and he supported Barack Obama's dead-end intervention in Libya. The guy's a hawk uber alles, which is one reason he's not a limited-government guy.

Meanwhile, conservative hawk Bill Kristol has declared he opposes the bill, and all three of Kristol's reasons have to do with defense spending.

Assuming this debt deal becomes law and its super-committee is formed, defense cuts could create serious divisions on the Right.

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