Two unrelated heists target foodstuffs 

Hungry hoodlums made off with hearty helpings of stolen meat, cheese and produce in separate city incidents this week, with one felonious foodie driving off with a delivery truck filled with veggies and another helping himself to the finest fodder at a Whole Foods Market, police said.

The Whole Foods heist involved an alleged crook with “good taste” that must now settle for lunches served in jail, police said. The apparently high-class deviant dared to dash off with $270 worth of delicious grub from the store on California and Franklin streets, police said.

Around 10:40 a.m., the suspect, who brought in his own bags, had a “shopping list” that included a 3-pound beef tenderloin, 6 other hefty steaks, 3 pounds of raw shrimp, 2 pounds of Jarlseberg Swiss cheese and finally 2 pounds of butter, police said.

He was caught leaving the store without paying, and though a $400 theft would signal a felony charge, “he has done this in the past,” police said.

“He does have good taste,” police said.

Maybe so, but he isn’t as healthy as the car-jacking suspect that made off with a delivery truck filled with fresh produce at the Civic Center around 7:50 a.m. Monday morning, police said.

A delivery person was unloading the goods from the double-parked truck, the engine still running, when the suspect got behind the wheel, police said. When confronted, the vile vegetarian hit the gas pedal, striking one of the delivery employees in the chest area, though he was not seriously hurt, police said.

Police said they later found the suspect, still in the truck, on 22nd and Vermont streets, though “half the produce was gone,” police said. The alleged crook recently arrived to The City from Texas, where he’s also had run-ins with the law, police said.

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