Twitter post at developer conference leads to upset Internet and two people jobless 

click to enlarge The tweet Adria Richards posted on Sunday criticizing two developers attending PyCon has started a storm on the Internet. - TWITTER
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  • The tweet Adria Richards posted on Sunday criticizing two developers attending PyCon has started a storm on the Internet.

A bizarre chain of events stemming from a tweet made at a Python developers conference on Sunday has left two people without jobs and a very upset Internet.

SendGrid developer evangelist Adria Richards was offended by two men at the Pycon conference in Santa Clara making what she interpreted as sexual jokes involving the word 'dongles.'

She wrote on her blog, "I stood up slowly, turned around and took three, clear photos. I sat back down, did another gut check and started composing a tweet. Three things came to me: act, speak and confront in the moment."

She then tweeted, "Not cool. Jokes about forking repo's in a sexual way and "big" dongles. Right behind me ?#pycon?."

According to her blog, employees of the Pycon conference handled the situation.

At first there were reports that the men were ejected from the conference, but Pycon released a statement today saying they talked with the two men, who agreed the comment was inappropriate, but no one was ejected from the conference.

However, one of the men was fired from his San Francisco based developer job at mobile game company PlayHaven, allegedly for the comment Richards overheard and tweeted about.

According to Venture Beat, he has not been identified except for his name 'Mr Hank' on the website Hacker News.

It was initially believed that 'Mr Hank' was fired directly for the comment made at the conference, but today PlayHaven released a statement saying that there are other factors that lead to the termination of the employee.

After Richards, who has a 415 area code listed on her website, published her blog post with her explanation as to why she tweeted the photo of the two men, which included gender discrimination, developers across the world began to argue her point. Soon after came harassment.

People on the forum website 4chan released Richards personal information including an alleged home address on Valencia Street in San Francisco.

They also released information about possible relatives that included DUI convictions and online posts that have since been removed showed that people were sending pizzas, plumbers and even a box of dildos to the Valencia Street address.

A list of all her clients were released and people were encouraged to send emails calling for her termination.

On Twitter friends of Richards called for all abuse to be reported.

After a two day virtual war, SendGrid announced today via a Twitter and Facebook that they had terminated Richards because of the incident.

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