Twitter loves Chris Daly's ‘It's on like Donkey Kong’ threat 

For a little while last night, the term “Donkey Kong” was a trending topic in San Francisco on Twitter. So why would a 1980s arcade game briefly become an obsession among the 21st-century Twitterati?

You can blame — or credit — Supervisor Chris Daly.

At one point during the hours-long haggling over who to name interim mayor, Daly had a conniption (surprise!) and accused board President David Chiu of being a traitor to the lefty cause. Chiu had the temerity to express support for appointing Ed Lee, the city administrator, as interim mayor rather than Daly’s preferred caretaker, Sheriff Mike Hennessey.

“We are about to witness the biggest fumble in the history of progressive politics in San Francisco, and the blame rests squarely on the shoulders of David Chiu,” Daly sneered. “I will haunt you. I will politically haunt you for the biggest fumble in history. It’s on, like Donkey Kong.”
You can see the Donkey Kong clip here.

People on Twitter immediately began having a field day with Daly’s Donkey Kong line. Kevin Bard (@gtkevin) suggested someone dress up like Donkey Kong at Daly’s roast tonight. Meanwhile, @pinestock sarcastically defended Daly, tweeting that “‘it’s on like Donkey Kong’ is still fresh slang in suburbs like Fairfield.” And political operative Bob Brigham (@BobBrigham) came up with this funny definition for the occasion:

Donkey Kong (v): public speech, vowing to haunt a politician for a lurch to the right.

When people realized that Ed Lee was out of the country during last night’s theatrics, @justinberton asked, “so it’s NOT on like Donkey Kong because Ed Lee is in Hong Kong?”

If all this silliness wasn’t enough, by the end of the night, someone created a fake Ed Lee account (@sfmayoredlee). Here’s Fake Ed Lee’s first tweet: “Just hanging out in Hong Kong, sleeping, not being mayor of San Francisco as far as I know.”

Maybe that will change Friday, when the board meets again to vote on naming an interim mayor. Can’t wait to see what Chris Daly says then. Maybe he will cap someone with a Space Invaders reference.

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