Twin Peaks bakery stabber found guilty 

A man who tried to kill a 15-year-old girl inside a Twin Peaks bakery in 2007 — prosecutors described her as “the most vulnerable person” he could find — was found guilty Tuesday.

The attorney for Scott Thomas, 29, has argued that Thomas was psychotic at the time of the stabbing. He had delusions that he could rule the universe by killing an innocent person, an act he referred to as “smythe” that would actually send his prey into another dimension.

Deputy Public Defender Stephen Rosen will argue in the second phase of the trial, which begins Thursday, to send Thomas to a state mental facility, but Assistant District Attorney Scot Clark is arguing to send him to prison for life. The prosecution said Thomas told investigators he would claim he’s insane to avoid going to prison.

Thomas has already spent several years in prison. His case garnered attention because officials at San Quentin State Prison mistakenly released the “high-risk” Van Nuys man without supervision on a Friday. He had previous convictions for grand theft auto, hit-and-run, petty theft and vandalism.

After his release, Thomas bought a knife for $20 in San Jose and then traveled to San Francisco the day after on a mission to kill, according to prosecutors.

He found Loren Schaller, 15 at the time, at Creighton’s Bakery on May 19, 2007. She nearly died after her jugular vein was sliced open. A man at the bakery, Kermit Kubitz, a lawyer and Vietnam War veteran, pulled Thomas off her and suffered wounds of his own.

“He looked for the weakest link,” Clark said during the closing arguments. “He looked for the most vulnerable person.”

A surgeon, who happened to pass by the bakery at the time, saved Schaller by reaching into her wound and cutting off the spurts of blood.

Throughout the trial, Thomas was docile, gaining several pounds since his arrest. At times he would smile at nobody in particular.

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